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D​iagnostic Imaging services?

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Founded in 2020 to face the challenges of the market in the diagnostic imaging sector, VIRTUS HC Srl has proven to be a reliable and globally recognized partner for the quality of the services offered and for the approach always oriented to customer satisfaction

What we do...

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MRI Coils Repair & Exchange

Long yearly experience on repair and refurbish MRI Coils of the most representative OEM. Exchange service

On-Site Technical Service

CT - MRI - X-ray -Mammo - US

Electronic Parts Repair & Procurement

  • MRI RF amplfiers
  • Gradient amplifiers
  • Power supplies
  • Power boards
  • Control and signal boards

Systems Renewal Program

Complete refurbish service for your system, accessories, plastics, foams, custom painting

Installation - Deinstallation - Relocation

Logistics service and technical service together for great results. Installation- De-installation and Relocation of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment. One company, one full service

Do you have a project?

Professional, qualified, consultative approach 

Be your partner, not only a service provider

Professional consulting for private and public health hospitals and clinic.

Give value to your dreams

We search the best solution for your needs, brand new or 2nd life, due to your desire.

CT, Cone Beam CT, MRI, X-ray, Mammo, US

Vet Diagnostics products

Focused also on animal care: C-Arms, Vet DR, VET CT Cone Beam products.

Maximize power of your project

Our mission is to be part of your projects and accompany to achieve your goals 

Long term value

Your part or system is kept at the "state of the art" with OEM golden standard procedures

Money saving

Chosing our services, you will save money flush


All procedures are compliant to ISO 13485 certification

Fondation year
Service call managed per year

Customer satisfaction
km travelled around in Europe to support you

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